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Job Code: 2246
Job Level: 12
Revised Date: 11/01/2017
Job Family: JF 28

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Occupational Summary

Develop and manage the long term strategy for journal production, printing, and post production publishing and asset management; actively manage and continually work to lower costs, ensure quality, and tighten schedules for manufacturing and e files for all DUP journals; manage the timely publication of all journals with print vendors, overseeing the work of the production coordinators; establish and manage schedules and printing costs of all DUP journals; develop, guide, and manage all content management and repurposing initiatives with regard to the electronic files of DUP journals; work with the other managers in EDP on combined content initiatives, supporting the integration of journals and books electronic content.

Work Performed

Hire, train, and manage the Journals Production team of production coordinators, production assistant, and student workers.

Manage staff workloads; review and balance work assignments; outsource work as necessary; hire new staff as necessary; reassign work as necessary.

Engineer workflows to incorporate new technological capabilities and expectations from authors, editorial offices, hosting platforms, and vendors, as they develop.

Coordinate manuscript, proof, and electronic workflows with Journals Editorial team.

Create the publication schedules of all journal issues; problem solve to keep issues on time.

Establish and maintain productive working relationships with editorial offices and authors to support production practices and efficient files/issues submission, with production coordinators doing the day to day communicating.

Develop, update, and maintain training documents; supervise and support training of editorial office staff by journals production staff.

Monitor and report issue and volume page count information; assist editorial offices in the management of their volume page limits; inform editorial offices of impending overages and negotiate how these will be addressed.

Maintain updated submission guidelines for editorial offices; serve as escalation point for queries that production coordinators cant resolve.

Manage onboarding of new journals into DUP production: initiate contact with editorial offices, propose schedule for the first volume, and explain the process and expectations for publishing with DUP.

Acquire and prepare new journal back issue content for presentation on online platform, managing any needed retro digitization.

Manage the printing schedules of all journals, determining and setting the requirements for receipt of text and cover files from internal staff in EDP.

Coordinate print run quantities with internal staff in Marketing & Sales.

Set and manage printing schedules with vendors to meet targeted publication schedules, including mail dates needed for meetings and/or special events.

Manage production coordinators workloads so that schedules are met, print orders are accurate, printer queries and issues are addressed.

Invoices are processed accurately and promptly and costs are assigned accurately to journal and cost codes.

Direct printers to ensure that DUP requirements, specs, schedules, and pricing are understood and followed.

Build and manage good working relationships with all new vendors, including training on FTP processes, naming conventions, service level agreements, and billing requirements.

Investigate alternative vendors and compare pricing and services periodically to ensure that DUP is getting best pricing, service, quality, and schedules.

Continually monitor changes in equipment and capability with vendors.

Using that information, monitor costs and look for potential cost savings.

Standardize DUP work as necessary to take advantage of cost saving and time saving opportunities offered by print vendors as they change their capabilities.

Set up and manage protocols for print ready file assets management with all of DUPs vendors.

Set up and manage internal file archiving procedures for all new issues and back content (covers, art, inserts, peripherals, supplementary data, and text).

Implement and manage efficient workflows for POD printing of one off back issues or new content.

Develop and manage protocols between EDP and DUPs content asset management partners.

Manage compliance with all EDP protocols by in house staff for complete and thorough asset management.

As necessary, make recommendations and institute changes arising from business needs.

Manage ordering of digital assets from vendors so that all assets are available to DUP for distribution to all business partners simultaneously with publication of issues, following DUP standards.

Develop and manage quality assurance protocols and processes for online publication of articles and issues.

Provide feedback to vendors.

Ensure timely delivery of files to conversion vendors and content asset management vendors.

Manage and report regularly to the business on expected and actual delivery of DUP assets to online vendors.

Facilitate ongoing and new electronic initiatives and press wide projects by ensuring that production considerations are taken into account.

Analyze and manage composition, printing, e assets, and content management costs for an annual spend of approximately $1.1 million.

Meet annual budget goals for journals direct expenses.

Track costs quarterly.

Run SAP reports monthly and report to EDP director.

Work to lower costs in the context of DUPs financial goals while balancing quality and schedule.

Determine printing trends in order to identify cost saving opportunities and alternate technologies and workflows.

Present recommendations to EDP staff and/or journals managers.

Estimate direct production expenses on all prospective journals P&Ls.

Run preliminary costs and estimates with compositors and printer.

Manage issue publication notifications to the business and editorial offices, ensuring that the business can properly manage revenue accruals and financial reconciliations in a timely fashion.

Create, maintain, and manage protocols and documentation for complete and accurate accounting records of all invoices paid for departmental archiving.

Review and approve composition, manufacturing, and mailing/distribution invoices for all new issues.

Manage staff to ensure that they check invoices, troubleshoot issues, resolve problems, and are aware of costs for composition, art, printing, and corrections at all stages.

Serve on hiring committees for EDP staff.

Serve as EDP representative on any e publishing and asset management committees.

Work with various committees and managers on publications management issues.

Travel to meetings and conventions to represent Duke University Press.

Take an active role on relevant committees of professional organizations.

Establish connections with peers at other university presses for purposes of comparison and for gathering ideas and data to actively engage in joint online publishing initiatives.

Required Qualifications at this Level


Work requires communications, analytical and organizational skills generally acquired through completion of a Bachelor's degree program.


Work generally requires three years of experience in a publication production setting in order to acquire skills necessary to plan, manage and coordinate a variety of activities associated with the production and/or design of books or journals.




The intent of this job description is to provide a representative and level of the types of duties and responsibilities that will be required of positions given this title and shall not be construed as a declaration of the total of the specific duties and responsibilities of any particular position. Employees may be directed to perform job-related tasks other than those specifically presented in this description.

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Essential Physical Job Functions

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