Minors in Duke Programs

Guide to Registration Process

1. Obtain Approval from the Program's School or Business Unit Sponsor

In accordance with the Policy for Minors in Duke Programs, the person who will be in charge of the Program ("Program Director") must first get approval at their department level for the minors Program at the Dean or Vice President level, or written designee. University-side Programs operating under the Provost's Office require approval from the Provost's Office, after approval from the relevant Dean. All Programs covered by this Policy, including Programs run by third parties, must have the appropriate approval prior to initiating the Program registration.

2. Register the Program

At least four (4) weeks before the Program's start date, the Program Director must register the Program with Human Resources through the online portal. Programs must be registered individually. If a Program has multiple sessions that will have different program staff, or target different groups of Minors, then each session is considered to be a separate Program and must be separately registered. If a Program runs periodically (e.g., every Saturday) and program staff remains the same, then one registration for the Program will meet the Policy requirements.

The Program Director must complete a questionnaire about the Program including providing a description of the Program, the range of dates, ages of participants, planned activities, and other information. In the questionnaire, the Program Director must also provide the name, contact email, and net ID for the individual at the Dean or Vice President level who supports the Program. Please review the list of designated Dean/VP approvers to be sure your program registration is expedited. This Dean or Vice President (or a written designee) will be sent a subsequent email with a direct link that can be utilized to confirm or refuse approval, after consulting with the Provost's Office if needed first.

The Program Director must also enter the names and email addresses of all adults (including faculty, staff, Duke students, and volunteers) who will be interacting with Minors as part of the Program.

The HR Youth Protection Coordinator may request additional information and coordinate additional levels of review to authorize or approve certain Programs at the HR Youth Protection Coordinator's Discretion.

3. Prepare Appropriate Written Contracts

Every Program must have a participation agreement ("Participation Agreement") signed by each minor and their parent/legal guardians. The template Participation Agreements require the Program Director to input a description of their specific Program and a contact phone number. Once completed, the prepared Participation Agreements for each Program must be sent to the HR Youth Protection Coordinator via email for review. Where appropriate, the Program should also collect health forms ("Health Forms") completed by the Minor's parent/ legal guardian and a licensed health care provider before the Minor can participate. Template Participation Agreements and Health Forms are available online here.

The Program Director should not allow any Minors to participate in the Program without a Participation Agreement signed by the parent/ legal guardian and acknowledged by the Minor, and, where needed, signed Health Forms. Programs must retain and safeguard as appropriate copies of completed Participation Agreements and Health Forms in their own department records for at least three years after the Minor turns 18.

4. Ensure Program Staff Complete Background Checks and Minors Training

Before the Program start date, all adult Program participants/staff must successfully complete (i) a background check within the last three years and (ii) the online training on policies and issues relating to interactions with Minors annually.

When program staff are registered with the Program, they are automatically sent an email with the link to request a background check and the link to take the online training. The links for each requirement will also be provided within the My Programs page on the website where you can add/edit program staff, so you can resend the links to any program staff if needed. Duke Human Resources will conduct all background checks for all Programs, and Programs are not permitted to select other vendors without receiving advance approval from the HR Youth Protection Coordinator.

5. Review the Minors in Duke Programs Standards

Programs must review, adhere to, and comply with the Standards of Best Practice for Duke Programs as well as the Policy for Minors in Duke Programs.

6. Compliance With Other Relevant Policies

There are other policies that may also apply to Minors Programs. Compliance with the Minors Policy does not automatically satisfy other policies that may apply, and similarly, compliance with those policies does not automatically satisfy the requirements of the Minors Policy.

  • If lab activities, patient care, or industrial areas are involved, the Program Director must also submit the Workplace Safety Statement for Minors to OESO for approval.
  • If the Minor will be a volunteer or unpaid intern, the Program Director should consult the Volunteer and Unpaid Intern Policy Guidelines.
  • If the Minor will be participating in a Health System Program, the Program Director should consider whether there are any additional Health System policies for visitors or Minors that might apply. Minors are not permitted in clinical spaces.
  • If the minor is related to program leadership then a Nepotism Waiver must get received by Human Resources.
  • If Duke facilities or Duke services will be need, the Program Director should complete a Facilities Use Agreement or Conference Services Agreement with Duke Event Services.

7. Process Administration

This process shall be administered by the HR Youth Protection Coordinator. Failure to comply with any of the requirements or timeframes herein may result in immediate cancellation of a Program or impacts to future Minors Program offerings at the discretion of the HR Youth Protection Coordinator. In addition, the HR Youth Protection Coordinator reserves the right to cancel a Program for material omissions or misrepresentations in connection with these requirements and the requirements of the Policy for Minors in Duke Programs.