Six Word Stories 2019

  Name Dept Story
1 Ryan Aamot DHTS ACAD Support Cutting-edge Technology Innovating Tomorrow's Healthcare Today
2 Alison Aboussleman PDC Communications Personal and professional growth and belonging
3 Ashley Acken Chaplain Services and Education Squeezed my hand during last breath.
4 Margaret Adams Duke Pulmonary of Raleigh Starting my journey. Opportunities are endless.
5 Tobi Adeyemi Duke Pain Medicine Cultivating relationships, coordinating care, optimizing health.
6 Gabriel Alcantara Dept of Medicine Caring people making a difference daily.
7 Dillon Alcorn Central Financial Services Have fun here, get better here
8 Kimberly Alford Duke Plastic Surgery Living for Life. We are Family.
9 Paula Alford Office of Curricular Affairs - School of Medicine MedSchool-OCA: co-workers, friends, but mostly family!
10 Mindy Allen DHTS-Human Resources Don't be the same. Be better.
11 Jeffrey Allred Making the world a healthier place.
12 Alphonso Alonzo FMD-OPM Love the people and Duke environment.
13 Krystal Alston HIM vision strategy mission drive growth mangement
14 Tenal Alston Heart Services/Cardiology (7100) I've tasted My Pickle: Sympathetic Empathy
15 Michael Argento Clinical App Support - Cardiology Pediatrics. Hematology. Cardiology. Oncology. Geriatrics. VICTORIES.
16 Sonya Artis Materials Management Hospital Career Achieved. Thanks Leon King!
17 Mary Artley Medicine Lifelong Duke identity. I bleed blue.
18 Kristy Averette Medicine Support, growth, and love; my Duke.
19 Bulmaro (Alex) Ayala Southpoint Cardiology Hard Work Never Felt So Good!
20 VICTORIA BRENNAND Medicine Duke gave me my second family.
22 Rishi Badola Fuqua School of Business: Finance Dedication towards Unparalleled Knowledge and Education!
23 Dianne Baggett Imaging my Co-workers are more like family
24 Constance Bagwell DPC WAKELON I leapt, I thrived, I'm home.
25 Crystal Bailey Duke Dermatology at Patterson Place Teamwork providing Compassionate Care with Integrity.
26 Anthony Baldassari FPDC To Build Greatness, Build Great Relationships.
27 Crystal Ballard DCI Psychiatry Patient relationships improve my emotional stability.
28 Gwen Barclay-Toy Management Communication Languages bridging cultures, international students thrive.
29 Adrienne Baroff Fuqua School of Business Benefits that support working and living.
30 Joshua Barrett Procurement expected a job, found a career.
31 Mary Barzee SON Peanut tofu bonds Atheist with Christian
32 Mary Barzee SON Admire a boss who schlepps sodas
33 Mary Barzee SON Peanut tofu bonds Atheist with Christian
34 Mary Barzee SON Unisex bathroom sign welcomes all genitalia
35 Lorna Bates Global Marketing True sense of family at Fuqua
36 Maureen Bates DHTS I save people indirectly through IT!
37 Kurt Baumberger Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative Change is certain. Progress is not.
38 Serena Bazemore Duke Center for Jewish Studies Duke's unparalleled opportunities, flexibility and challenges!
39 Tom Beach PRMO Revenue and Documentation Integrity Preacher asked, I said I do
40 Mark Beautz MRI Imaging, DRAH Knowing I can make a difference!
41 Pamela Beck South Durham Infusion Center Disease becomes identity. Patient regains identity.
42 Ashley Becker DUHS HR Without you, Duke would not exist
43 Laura Begin Psychiatry Priceless people perks practicing prudent purpose.
44 Jawanna Bell Pathology Learning my babies first twelve weeks.
45 Rhonda Bennett Duke Urgent Care Hillsborough One career. One passion. Unique growth.
46 David Berberian Theater Operations Tears and confusion turned to joy
47 Celia Bettinsoli Clinical Microbiology Laboratory Hidden pathogens. Rising resistance. Identify. Eliminate.
48 Ashok Bhatta Anesthesiology Go Nowhere, Duke is the best
49 Christian Bjerre Rel Psychiatry If you're struggling. We are here
50 Melissa Blakey Mathematics Easy accessibility to the celestial chapel.
51 Stephanie Blocker Radiology/CIVM Encouraged to create. Empowered to achieve.
52 Deborah Bolanos Endocrinology Caregiver cancer patient, becomes dedicated employee.
53 Willa Bonner Duke Health Technology Solutions Love for organization and fellow co-workers!!!
54 Ernesto Borge PRMO Walls closing in. Opportunity saved me.
55 Teresa Bowes PDC Lives enriched daily, teaching is key.
56 Fran Boyd Concierge Services Cancer is frightening. Duke is HOPE.
57 Marti Brauer DHTS User Provisioning Coworkers rock my world. Such dedication.
58 Laura Breese DRH Unit 4-1 Being of service, makes soul smile.
59 Amy Brennan ford library "Help! I need..." "Here you go."
60 Andrea Brite DHTS Simply put, Work life balance. Priceless
61 Kimberly Britton PRMO Heritage I value the vision, knowledge, friendships!
62 Ketha Brooks PRMO-Clinical Trials Billing WATCHING EXCELLENCE EXCEL AT IT'S BEST
63 Laura Brooks ORI Duke strengthened me as a parent
64 Bob Brown PRMO Self-pay Creating amazing healthcare miracles every day!
65 Wesley Brown Divinity Show you a more excellent way
66 Mark Browning FMD Change, It's the opportunity to learn
67 Patricia Brunson PRMA Awesome people. Dynamic environment. Unlimited possibilities.
68 Maria Bunce International Patients Office "May the rights words finds me"
69 Melinda Busi DRH Education Services My Duke Family Lives Duke's Values!
70 Stephen Bydal Clinical Medicine Duke is a sword in stone.
71 Shaneka Bynum SERP - Together Facing the Challenge The power of being affiliated with...
74 TERESA COPLEY PRMO - DRH ADMISSIONS I love making a positive difference!
75 Beth Campbell Parking & Transportation Services A lifetime of opportunities, challenges. Gratitude.
76 Conan Campbell DHTS - Core Operations Network is down. No scheduled maintenance.
77 Curtis Campbell DCRI Clear Vision Drives Quest for Excellence
78 Hilary Campbell Margolis Center for Health Policy / Department of Population Health Sciences Biostatisticians, clinicians, econometricians: mission coalition composition.
79 John Campbell DHTS ISO Our heart is for our mission!
80 Sharon Campbell VAT all worthy of love: love life
81 Soraya Campbell Global Education Opportunity knocks. We're called to serve.
82 Laura Cappelletti DUL stimulating environment where thoughtful people thrive
83 DAnnette Carbuccia Global Education Office Learning, Excitement, Family! Rewards, Experience, Challenge!
84 Amy Carey PRMO Learning Center I am passionate about our mission.
85 Kimberly Cato Clinic 2J Impacting and caring for the World.
86 Lewis Caviness Growing, learning, I thrive with Duke
87 Jennifer Chamberlain School of Nursing Sixteen, Balance and Health equals Happiness
88 James Chambers Clinical Engineering Continuing the legacy of my family.
89 Marianne Chanti-Ketterl Psychiatry Believe in me. Grants will come!
90 Blair Chesnut DMPI Exceptional benefits include lovely botanical gardens.
91 Lindsey Chin Duke Neurosciences of Raleigh Excellence is collaboration. Every individual contributes.
92 Emilia Chiscop Head DOSI "My Personal Experience Metamorphosed in Knowledge"
93 Mimi Chitty OR Scheduling Thirty-seven years, Happy helping our patients.
94 Alex Cho Medicine Duke: compassionate leadership, collaborative workplace, excellence.
95 Clifford Chu DHTS Work Life Balance Makes Family Happy
96 Amanda Ciriello DHTS Helping clinicians help patients using technology.
97 Zelda Clark Workers Compensation Administration Employment Needed
Opportunity Received
Retirement Near
98 Amanda Clayton pharmacy Teamwork. Compassion. Excellence. Love My Team.
99 Barbara Clayton Radiation Onc. Caring work Family. Amazing patient care.
100 Linda Clayton Bursar's Office My Children won't have to worry.
101 Nicole Coates Cancer Services Providing loving, quality care to all.
102 Tammy Coble DUHS OR Healing hands. Taking care. Giving hope.
103 Jennifer Cody Duke Children's Development I feel like a paid volunteer.
104 Allen Coleman DHTS From curiosity...ideas to innovation
105 Anna Collins Duke Heritage Radiology Touching lives. Changing lives. Saving lives.
106 Karla Collins Murphy Unit 5-3 Diversity Lives Here. Every Individual Matters.
107 Tresa Conca SoCR Power is Knowledge. Knowledge is eternal.
108 Ian Conlon Department of Medicine Groundbreaking research, life-saving healthcare, dedicated people.
109 Lori Crooks SoM Financial Aid and Registrar Offices Thinking big picture, leads to success.
110 Tasha Curry-Corcoran Student Affairs Constant change. Forever Young. Curiosity Fed.
111 Amanda Cyprowski Pratt - First Year Design Looking for opportunity? It's right here.
112 Laurie D'Angelo Workers' Comp Recipe for success. Working at Duke.
113 FRED DIADDEZZIO PATIENT ADVISORY COUNCIL TIDES: Teamwork, Integrity, Diversity, Excellence, Safety.
114 Rhonda Daly SOM Finance Duke Family, Caring educating, Brighter Future
115 Lindsey Daniels drah medical auditing Manager plays pranks. We laugh often!
116 Stephen Davailus Clinical Engineering Duke is family, glad I'm here.
117 Kathryn Davies Admissions Colleagues become friends. My gratitude abounds.
118 Jocelyn Dawson Duke University Press Shared glances, familiar footsteps. Dear coworkers.
119 Fernando Debreaux Lenox Baker Beginning with the end in mind
120 Brian DelVecchio Department of Medicine Research Administration Enabling the research to move forward!
121 Solita Denard Award Management Team I engage creative and analytical skills!
122 Cindy Detomo South Durham Cardiology Three generations deep, Duke strong roots
123 Emma Detomo Clinic 2F/2G Legacy upheld: passions realized through parents.
124 Jennifer Dicker Children's Procedural Sedation Unit Helping those who need us most
125 Giullietta Digiaimo cash management family
126 Jan Dillard Case Management-Clinical Social Work Making a difference, bigger than myself.
127 Jack Dolgin Center for Cognitive Neuroscience Lots of fun, free gifts (ahem).
128 Elizabeth Donohue Duke Urgent Care South Strong working crew produces happy smiles.
129 Christopher Dreppard DHTS Clinicians save lives, we enable clinicians.
130 Dominique Druet Clinical Engineering Making a difference in people's lives.
131 Doretha Drye Marcus Center for Cellular Cures(MC3) Forty years and counting, loving it.
132 Marianne Drysdale ORI-RAD My Duke research family grants acceptance
133 Cynthia Duke Office of Physician Scientist Dev. Strong female mentorship fortifies my determination.
134 Ashley Dunbar South Durham Neurology Compassion lies beneath still quiet waters
135 Sianna Dvorak DHTS Relocation encouraged growth. Unmatched professional development!
136 Beth Edwards PRMO/PBMT Insurance covers transplant. Parents in tears.
137 Glenn Edwards Application Support-Radiology Smiling, she leaves Duke Children's Hospital.
138 Kimberly Egler Surgery Unimagined accomplishments and care achieved together
139 Anne-Marie Elliott CT Statistics Standing on shoulders, we push upward.
140 Amanda Eltz Wound/Ostomy Services It's true! Wounds heal with kindness.
141 Rebecca Elvin Children's Services - Unit 5100 Listening, embracing, acting. Healing each other.
142 Eric Eng Inpatient Operations Daily Utilizing Key Energy to Heal.
143 Roselynde Ensley 8300 Duke North Opportunities to continue lifelong educational pursuits
144 Shelly Epps DHTS Information Security Office Not my's my legacy!
145 Lisa Eskenazi DCRI It really shouldn't be this hard.
146 Alpha Esser DCRI Metamorphosis? Always! Not just a job.
147 Tanya Exum-Coston Biostatistics & Bioinformatics Health and Tuition Benefits Amplify Lives!
148 Marco Fajardo 9300 Medical Oncology Agonal breathing: gentle care, fierce love.
149 William Falls School of Nursing My small part makes a difference.
150 Shelley Faucette Payer Relations Working minds alike introduce the future.
151 Maureen Fehrs DHTS Son not invalid; off at college.
152 Valerie Fernandez coding integrity Tremendous opportunity bolstering, encouraging professional development
153 Eric Ferreri News & Communications Really interesting people everywhere I look
154 Jeff Fisher Parking and Transportation Rescued from recession. Support. Stability. Team.
155 Pamela Fisher PRMO - HIM Coding I make a difference every day
156 Camille Fletcher 3rd Floor Nursing I am grateful. Everyone is smiling
157 Mike Flintosh Ophthalmology We improve people's lives, every day.
158 Matthew Floding Divinity School Mission that compels creativity and commitment.
159 Rachel Flores Law School Communications the colleagues who became my family
160 Terry Flowers Duke University TIP Duke produces healthy minds and bodies.
161 Frankie Fogg Occupational & Environmental Safety Serving Duke wholeheartedly. We are OHS.
162 Jayne Forbes Network Services I love my Heart Network teammates!
163 Michael Forbes Recreation and Pysical Education Helping facilitate aspirations of the brightest.
164 Jill Foster Biology My Department is my second family.
165 Tracie Foust MEM/Pratt School of Engineering My opportunity to make a difference
166 Christine Fowler DHTS Making Differences and Impacting Lives positively
167 Kate Fox Population Health Management Office Be the best version of yourself.
168 Michael Fox Office of Research Informatics (ORI) Personalized Career. Personalized Medicine. Personalized Experience.
169 Sierra Foxx Parking and Transportation Fertility Miracle X2. Blessed Girl Mom.
170 Eunice Franklin Cancer Center Thank You Duke fifty two years!
171 Denise Fuller Emergency Making a difference with each patient.
172 Lauren Galentine Hematological Malignancies (BMT/HEME) Patience, courtesy, compassion. It guides you.
173 Veronica Garrett Network Services Duke provides stability, diversity and opportunity.
174 Brittany Garvin-Hudson Master of Biomedical Sciences Stories we chronicle. Lives we transform.
175 Bikram Gautam Fuqua School of Business Going on five, retiring on forty-five.
176 Vincent Gaver Pharmacy Celebrate Durham. Care for the world.
177 Lori Geiss Bursar's Office Success comes in many forms here
178 Cescille Gesher OBGYN Now everything is back to normal
179 Nada Ghadimi Anesthesia Journey continues growing healing learning elevating..
180 Lauren Giese DUHS Clinical Labs- Bone Marrow Lab "Look closely; you're changing someone's life"
181 Ana Gomez Community Service Center The interconnectedness and bond coworkers have.
182 Elizabeth Gonzalez Endocrinology gained MY independence: living MY life!
183 Heather Goolsby Annual Fund Diverse devils thanks to generous devils.
184 Rachel Gordon Law Library Top-notch colleagues, resources, and students. Period.
185 Beth Gracey DHTS Network is up. Vitals are crossing.
186 Melissa Graham Office of Curricular Affairs - School of Medicine Duke cares about me. Nowhere better.
187 Heidi Grandis Duke Primary Care Family Medicine: windows into others' souls.
188 Barry Grauel DHTS PMO Build people today to lead tomorrow!
189 Angela Graves 8300 General Medicine Grateful humbling rewarding exciting loving dedicated.
190 Beverly Gray OB/Gyn Bringing new life into the world.
191 Kelly Gray DHTS MaestroCare PB-Cash I have learned, how to listen.
192 Noel Gray DRAH OPSA Finding my purpose through helping others
193 Judy Greenwald PRMO Outpt pre-verification radiology Hometown exclamations: You work at Duke?!!
194 Maria Gregory HRIC A culture of prosperity encompasses Duke.
195 Ginger Griffin Pathology Caring, Stability, Excellence, Integrity, Prestigious Reputation
196 Lora Griffiths Department of Medicine-Research Administration You can always go home again.
197 Heather Griswold Sanford School of Public Policy I use my powers for good.
198 Phil Grosshans Electrical and Computer Engineering Great people doing a great job
199 Magaly Guerrero Ophthalmology Family Diversity creates Opportunity, Well-being, Honor
200 Tammie Gullie Duke Women's Health Associates Serving others, touching lives, giving hope.
201 Rupali Gupta Neurology I got stuck. you gave push.
202 Michael Gustafson ECE My students are changing the world!
203 Mar Gutierrez Romance Languages My Spanish students bring me happiness.
204 Rosa Hall Client Services Why look elsewhere? Duke's got it!
205 W. Ed Hammond DCHI, CTSI It's my life at is's best!
206 Nikki Harding DCRI Patience with Patients is Great Medicine
207 Jeff Harger Performance Services People first and you'll always win.
208 Hans Harlacher Office of the Provost Far from home, found a family.
209 Gail Harris Eye Center OR Eye See the Good We Do
210 Brian Hart Duke Dermatology South Durham Duke is great with a smile
211 Wes Hartsoe Corp. Risk Management Benefits beyond insurance. Purpose beyond employment.
212 Nasera Hassan Cytopathology New patient. My cells. Compassionate medicine.
213 Janse Haywood Law School A life well spent at Duke.
214 Jacqueline Healy Integration - Service Delivery Friendships that change your life forever.
215 Debra Hearn Cash Managment Meaningful work at the highest level
216 Darwin Hedgepeth Customer Service Life Changes Positively. Dreams Becoming Reality.
217 Peg Helminski Radiology Previously orphaned, daughter graduates college debtfree!
218 Peg Helminski Radiology Bliss: surrounded by people who think!
219 Erik Helsley DHTS Fifty-two first dates with my wife
220 James Helton ORI-RAD People coming together, making positive strides!
221 Angela Hernandez HB Govt. Collections So needed. So happy. So safe.
222 John Herr Trinity Technology Services I got paid to write this.
223 Beverly Hester Medicine Living my best life at Duke!
224 Nakia Hester Finance Determination plus commitment equals my success.
225 Karen Hicks DRH Neuro/Onc/Hospice Caring, serving, nursing others. Healed me.
226 Nancy Hight GU Oncology I felt like coming back home.
227 Mary Beth Hinson duke urgent care harps mill New beginnings, happiness. It started here.
228 Kathryn Hodges ClinOps Better today than I was yesterday
229 Rebecca Hoeffler Sustainable Duke bleeding blue, living green, feeling free
230 Cynthia Hoffman Cancer Center Triage dedicated ,absorbed ,learn ,understanding, determination, evolution
231 Kathy Holder Duke GI of Raleigh Love is a never ending story.
232 Seanna Horan School of Medicine Work with kind, smart people? Check!
233 Gloria Howard I'm getting older. Knowledgeable people abound.
234 Kathleen Howell Transplant Patient Financial Services Being a light during dark times
235 Lisa Howerton Psychiatry Being aggressive is a great attribute.
236 Rosie Hughes DHTS- Maestro Care Concierge Caring for people in every way
237 Lanelle Hunter Medical Auditing Blue White Strength Might Go Fight
238 Tam Huynh Duke Human Vaccine Institute/School of Medicine This lab, my joy, my treasure.
Waiting Pays Off
240 Carol Jackson Sanford communications Campus is beautiful. Students are inspiring.
241 Janet Jackson HIM-Data Integrity Making many differences in many lives.
242 Pat James Community Service Center Changing lives while making lasting memories
243 Pat James Community Service Center Duke bridges Durham opening various opportunities
244 Kim Jarrett Ophthalmology Thrilled being part of something great
245 Anita Johnson Duke Dermatology South Durham Helping make patients visits more memorable!
246 Emeka Johnson Medicaid Department Second home; first choice for care
247 Katie Johnson DOM-RA I found my "why." It's you!
248 Wanda Jones Duke Otolaryngology of Durham "Showing Compassion and Caring to Everyone."
249 Wanda Jones Duke Otolaryngology of Durham Showing Compassion and Caring to Everyone
250 Zachariah Jones Cardiac Diagnostic Unit Helping prolong lives through diagnostic testing.
251 Joy Joy Searles Global Education Office Study abroad inspires lifelong global engagement.
252 Shelma Juarez Port Labs Duke Makes Differences in People's Lives
253 Anna Jusino Dermatology 3K Paid to work. Trusted to care.
254 Howard Kallem OIE Because it's not U N C!
255 Samantha Kaplan Duke Medical Center Library & Archives Help me? "Of course!" said all.
256 Akmarzhan Kasmaganbetova Sanford School of Public Policy, DCID Dignity and Diversity are Duke's Diamonds.
257 Marek Kasprisin Fuqua TSC DUKE is Diverse, Universal, Knockout Education!
258 Kathe Kaufman HR Recruitment Paralyzed on the Blue Ridge Parkway
259 Deborah Kearney Global Education Office for Undergraduates Awesome Duke insurance, peace of mind!
260 Amanda Kelley Office of Research Contracts I and we work as one.
261 Christian Kennicott LIVE FOR LIFE Health? Wellness? We Live for Life!
262 Ivo Kidze OIT Tense I come. Relax I become.
263 Tammy Kim Cell Biology Grants submitted. Awarded. Discovery-level elevated. Satisfaction.
264 Mark King Duke Chapel Duke University values my work-life balance!
265 Ricky King PDC Colleagues became family, not just friends.
266 Sherone King Duke Transplant Duke Transplant. My contribution to Duke!
267 Ken Kingery Engineering Communications Passionate talents converge. Tomorrow's promise rekindled.
268 Melanie Kirk Surgery Duke Opportunities, turning jobs into careers
269 Erica Kitchen Duke Health Development and Alumni Affairs Moments that inspire philanthropy save lives.
271 Aditi Korlimarla Pediatrics, Medical genetics "Oxford commas for rare diseases research!"
272 Tim Koves DMPI/Medicine(Geriatrics) Team-based research and innovative, cutting-edge science!
273 Robin Krause Duke Clinical Staffing Department Teamwork at Duke gives me confidence.
274 Patricia Krieg DUHS Compliance My boss frequently says, "Thank you."
275 Brienna Krucke Organizational Resilience Innovating ideas and insight. Saving lives.
276 Chip Kyles Workers' Compensation Colleagues injured at work? We help.
277 Janine LaCombe Acute Rehab Regaining confidence after having a baby.
278 Cynthia LaMaster Psychology and Neuroscience Children's tuition, now master's and more!
279 David Lacey Cash Management Excellence; Diversity; Teamwork lives at Duke.
280 Laura Lane CMC Connecting collegiates with careers causes cheer.
281 Cas Laskowski Law Library Challenging projects and various collaborative opportunities.
282 Perri Lawrence Radiation Oncology Duke Cancer Center Humbling, inspiring, brave, patients blessing teamwork
283 Keith Layden Engineering & Operations work at Duke:
284 Erika Layko Center for Child and Family Policy Always accepted; In communion with colleagues.
285 Holly Leddy Shared Materials Instrumentation Facility Family is here. Heart is here.
286 Nancy Leedy Neurology DUKE is Teamwork Diversity Compassion Excellence
287 Dulce Lessard Periop Conjoined twins. Wonder and Hope. Duke
288 Jess Levitt Fuqua/Health Sector Management Flexibility for education. Support from team.
289 Darcy Lewis Medicine You need help? Here, let me.
290 Hong (aka Lusia) Li Pediatrics-Neonatology (& DHTS) Smart minds serve with good hearts.
291 Hong (aka Lusia) Li Pediatrics-Neonatology (& DHTS) Smart minds serve with good hearts.
292 Deborah Ligas Harris & Smith OBGYN patterson place Best employer for love and diversity
293 Carla Lipscomb Coagulation Transformation is Key. Simplification In Coagulation.
294 Katie Little Duke Cancer Network Service. Life is not about you!
295 Andrea Locke Population Health Management I was existing Now I live
296 Abbey Loftis Durham OBGYN My Career. My Passion. My Team.
297 Darin London Office of Research Informatics Advancing research while improving sons' education.
298 Andrea Long DHTS-Analytics Center of Excellence & PHMO A shift to Value Based Care!
299 Mary Long Psychiatry Inspired by words, impacted by generations
300 Sarah Longo Biology cracks a smile
mends my frown
301 Christian Lowery PRMO - HR Welcoming. Inclusive. Caring. Diverse. Team-Oriented. Rewarding.
302 Monica Luthringer Megatrials Overcome self. Become Many. Impact More.
303 Meghan Lyon Libraries C1 bus full take next bus
304 Renee Lyons Credit Balance Resolution Stellar performance record and phenomenal care-giving
305 Kay Lytle DUHS Smart people dedicated to excellent care
306 LOLA MARTIN Nicholas School of the Environment Diversity and Uniting Knowledge and Excellence
307 BEVERLY MCNEILL DUKE AESTHETIC CENTER 1ST FL Working at Duke Inspiring and Motivational.
308 Nancy Mace Medicine Benefits. Smart investing equals sound 403b.
309 Tia Madison Orthopaedic Surgery, Page Rd Abandon complacency with faith to thrive.
310 Gurvinder Mahajan DHTS Collaboration Services Duke is a multi-generational family affair.
311 Rebecca Maher Case Management Courage, curiosity, humility, humanity, community,grace
312 Eric Maier EOHW Exciting opportunities! Growing! Learning! Caring! Sharing!
313 Michael Major CC GU Clinic Takes Two Flints To Make Fire
314 Sally Mak Office of Student Loans and Personal Finance A green thumb can cultivate students.
315 Bobbie Maniscalco Security People are great! Makes work Fun!
316 Julia Marrone School Of Medicine Office of Curricular Affairs Medical curriculum research in first week
317 Margaret Marshall OB GYN William Meyer miraculously helps Postpartum Moms!
318 Valerie Marshall PRE-ADMISSION TESTING Wakes best hospital, greatest care around.
319 Bruce Matheny DHTS-LMS We help each other get better
320 Doreen Matters DUSON Endless Opportunities. We Carry Each Other.
321 Dilara Maya Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Came along, carried Duke spirit lifelong!
322 Beth Maynard Duke Cancer Network, Duke Network Services Twenty-seven years, Duke saw me live!
323 Gwendolyn Mayo Hospital Billing and Collections Friendships. Job Security and advancement opportunity.
324 Bekah Mays-Pierce DRAH ED Registration One day old - 1981. Life-flighted. Duke.
325 Renee McAllister Duke Temporary Service "Windows of opportunities. It's show time."
326 Marie McCulloh Duke Netowrk Services Inspiring excellence, fulfilling dreams, creating futures.
327 Gair McCullough Kenan Institute for Ethics Students disprove cliches learned at UNC.
328 Katherine McDonald Allowing others, to exist, with ease
329 Regina McNair DCRI Faculty Support Great location. Work family is AWESOME!
330 Diana McNeill Medicine "Change of any sort requires courage."
331 Tamala McVey Pathology Privilege to serve those in need
332 Cindy Medlin Corporate Finance Giving back. Lifelong relationships. Financial security.
333 Alicia Meeks Radiology helping, healing, caring, day by day
334 Arlene Melchiorre Office of Government Relations Compassionate fun colleagues. A better me.
335 Roosevelt Mesa Duke Marine Lab Protecting one ocean through resilient commitments
336 Angelo Milazzo Pediatrics My colleagues make all the difference.
337 Karen Miller PHMO "Change is good. Make more change."
338 Kate Miller Fuqua Health Sector Management (HSM) Engaging with students replenishes my spirit!
339 Melissa Miller Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Patients' health: gone today, here tomorrow.
340 Cheryl Milton endocrinology Bullying exists no-more. I am liberated.
341 Kendall Mincey Biostatistics At Duke by grace of God.
342 Amy Mitchell DOM-Research Administration Life is hard. Family is everywhere.
343 Nik Mitchell Surgery - Surgical Sciences Tuition Benefit changes kids' education paradigm
344 Frances Mock Law Pursuing justice with engaged, enthusiastic students.
345 Rebbecca Moen CTSI Found a cure for Jane today.
346 Edwin Molina Recreation & Physical Education DukeRec makes me eagerly anticipate Mondays.
347 Joshua Monroe Duke Health Development & Alumni Affairs Rejuvenation! Improving and growing each day.
348 Dale Montana Immunology New worth found experiences enjoy happiness
349 Michele Moody Anesthesia Eye Center Live. Learn. Anesthesia is never boring...
350 Michele Moody Anesthesia Eye Center Live. Learn. Anesthesia is never boring...
351 Tanya Moore DWHA Deep friendships. Heartfelt moments. Such gratitude.
352 Debra Moorehead-Washington Wound Clinic Gratitude and appreciation are essential motivators!
353 Jackie Moring DHTS- Maestro-Care Professional Billing One with a team, helping many.
354 Karen Morris PRMO PB Critical Care Coding Working, caring, growing; appreciating our diversity.
355 Paula Morrison DHTS He's not cured, but we're fighting.
356 Tunisha Mosley Operating Room Ability for flexibility, stability, exceptional care.
357 Denise Motley Duke HR Recruitment Right hire, right now, right on!
358 Susan Mrache Nursing - L&D Maternity to eternity; breastfeeding elevates life.
359 Katy Munger Duke University Talent Identification Program Turning teenage angst into joy. Glorious!
360 Karen Murphy Psychology and Neuroscience Adopting incredible people for eight semesters
361 Rachel Myers Center for Applied Genomics and Precision Medicine Transforming your health byte by byte
362 Lisa Nadler Triangle Family Practice I can make a difference today
363 Amar Natarajan OIT Diversity , Passion drives OIT digital innovation.
364 Sue Nativi FMD Facility Operations Caring Students, Staff, Faculty. Amazing research.
365 Emory Nelms SSRI Discovery is more rewarding among friends.
366 Eszter Neumark DUC Croasdaile Healthcare as stellar as Krzyzewski's record
367 Heather Newhouse Executive Health and Signature Care Caring with people, caring for people.
368 Bill Newsome DHTS Don't
369 Krista Nodell Pet Therapy Giving Life through Paws of Love...
370 Bryan Norris Corporate Payroll Services Duke's values of diversity and inclusiveness.
371 Jacquelyn Norris Divinity School Dean's Office Hired green seventeen. Challenged. Grew. Thankful.
372 Linda Oglesby Medical Education Local Impact Nearly New Everyone Benefits
373 Michael Oles Business Administration My other family away from home.
374 Joan Oliver PRMO - Clinical Documentation "Everything is provided for your success"
375 Fernando Orozco DLAR Collaborating towards discovery today for tomorrow.
376 Laura Pace Nurse Anesthesia Helping define excellence in Nurse Anesthesia
377 Katherine Pachal Physics After Canada, paradise!
Really humid though.
378 Abigail Parsons Duke Children's Primary Care- Brier Creek Pediatrics enlightened me... became a stepmom!
379 Debi Parsons parking/events Prestige, Duke Name, fun, mens basketball :)
380 Allison Patterson Endocrinology By chance, stumbled into something great.
381 Caroline Peckels SICU Compassion, commitment, collaboration. This is Duke.
382 Kimberly Perez Undergraduate Admissions Student receptionist: present meets future. "Welcome."
383 Lynn Perkins DCRI CEC-SS Making a difference every single day!
384 Sharon Perry Dermatology @Patterson Place Teamwork equals Family equals Duke Dermatology
385 Shelton Perry DHTS One team, One goal, better life
386 Gale Pettiford Duke Chapel Beauty Connectivity Growth Purpose Family Opportunity
387 Sarah Pettiford Self Pay The Ability to save life's everyday
388 Tuyen Phan Medicine Good company enjoying issue resolution together.
389 Caroline Phan-Le Heart Center CRU Changing patients' lives while changing mine.
390 Matthew Philbrook Duke TIP Amazing lifelong friendships through Duke connections
391 Christie Phipps Academic Advising Center Kiel Donation Program. Overwhelmed by support!
392 Cynthia Pierce Heart Center Come to Duke expecting good things.
393 Xavier Pino Duke Children's of Apex A New American. Helping people smile.
394 Patricia Pittman Management, Co-workers, Benefits, Culture, Inclusion, Diversity
395 Wendy Pleasants Wake Forest Duke Primary Care Working with Family and great benefits!
396 Daniel Ponder Accounts Payable accounting by day, musician by night
397 Nicole Ponticorvo New Student Programs Students helping students, where magic happens...
398 Antonina Poole Radiology research Helping lost people find their way!
399 Paul Pooley SSRI provides
400 Rose Porges HR Pulmonary Emergency.
Saved by Duke Regional.
401 Sarah Poulin Duke Marine Lab Strong women show me I can.
402 Susan Powell Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Work hard and opportunities will come.
403 Michelle Powell-Ingram prmo Everyone is important, Make everyday great.
404 Dana Powers Medicine/Gastroenterology Division Contributing to progress enriches my life.
405 Christina Proch Nutrition Services Daily opportunities to transform lives forever
406 Julianna Procopio Duke Eye Center The gift of hope and miracles.
407 Amy Puglia Office of Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity New job. Great team. Better life.
408 Jim Pyle ACE Foundations ETL Great teamwork makes the impossible possible!
409 Tisha Quinn Pediatrics Note to self: imagine the possibilities.
410 Tina Radford Chemistry Lifetime of opportunities, experiences and possibilities.
411 Amanda Ragland Central Recruitment Life changed when I became brave.
412 Ellen Raimond Nasher Museum of Art Eyes open. Look.
Mind open. See.
413 Jennifer Randall Duke Cancer Institute It's All About The Patient Experience
414 Monica Reed DCRI Outcomes Improving outcomes by questioning current protocols.
415 Nathan Reichert Employee Travel & Reimbursement start small, get BIG, GO DUKE!
416 Krystan Remaley Duke Eye Center Insurance. Health Condition Found. Finally Treated.
417 Olivia Reneau DUU Celebrating good coffee and greater people
418 Tana Reynolds PRMO Revenue Management Over 45 years. We're still evolving.
419 Angela Rice-Warren PDC My friends who feel like family.
420 Denise Richards CTTI Graciousness, intelligence, excellence, commitment, partnership, inquisitiveness
421 Don Riggsbee DCSD Float Pool Duke's benefits have rescued my children.
422 Lee Rink FMD Key Shop Beats working in the real World.
423 Monica Roberson Duke Global Health Institute Twenty-eight years and still going strong
424 Jen Roberts Hospital Medicine No speed limit; acceleration encouraged. Drive.
425 Mark Roberts OESO Three bad reviews. Manager said resign.
426 Olivia Roberts Durham Pediatrics Support from DPC as new manager.
427 Rachel Robinson Iron Dukes Athletics Through hardships and ending with love.
428 Ramona Rodriguiz Mouse Behavioral Core So many mice. So many discoveries.
429 Susan Roepke Administrative Systems Management Made kids' college dreams come true!
430 Sophie Rose PAGR Future Opportunities Inclusive Accomplishment Concord Diversity
431 Alex Rosenberg Philosophy Having students who challenge me daily.
432 Elizabeth Ross Orthopedic Surgery Energized by growth; Enriched by people;
433 Ivan Ross Talent Identification Program Mom would be proud of me.
434 Alexandre Rotta Pediatrics Truth is, I'd work for free.
435 Caroline Rourk Family Medicine and Community Hlth Sustainable life created through helping others
436 Carol Rush Graduate Program in Religion Continual growth through training, professional development.
437 Lisa Russell Duke Children's Specialty Services of Greensboro Bubbles make the world go round.
438 Debra Ryan Student Health & Wellness Center Boundaries are hurdles to leap beyond.
439 Adalis Santiago DUHS Clinical Labs Kidney transplant needed; ABO incompatible. Success!
440 Lot Santos Duke Health and Technology Solutions Imagine .. all people .. educated, healthy .. one
441 Jeannine Sato OIT Home for dinner. Cotton candy sky.
442 Barbara Satterwhite Medicine Knowledge, opportunity, family, friends, advancement, awareness.
443 Garland "Gary" Sauls Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Humbly fulfilled. Trauma to wellness. Next!
444 Tanya Saunders Revenue Integrity Compassion, competence, integrity. Enhancing patients' lives.
445 Duane Schreiber Duke Primary Care Drive. Dedication. Motivation. Progress. Better everyday!
446 Evan Schroedel PRMO Finance Colleagues become family. Work becomes fun!
447 Nicole Scott Statistical Science I value comradery, excellence and integrity.
448 Stephen Scott Clinical Skills Program A dedicated team ensures great results.
449 Tim Searles Fuqua, Multimedia Working together, to make a difference.
450 Matthew Sears TIP Mentoring me mentoring next generation leaders
451 Deborshee Sen Statistical Science Almost died; Duke pulled me out.
452 Bryan Sexton Psychiatry Trying,
453 Bryan Sexton Psychiatry Enthusiastically Helping,
Wearily Recovering,
Meaningfully Grinning.
454 Bryan Sexton Psychiatry Heady,
455 Bryan Sexton Psychiatry Hired to help, inspired to heal.
456 Bryan Sexton Psychiatry Enthusiastically Helping,
Wearily Recovering,
Meaningfully Grinning.
457 Janet Shaffer Duke Integrative Medicine Enjoying desegregating medicine as we're integrating
458 Justin Sharpe DuWell Engage. Educate. Empower. Repeat multiple times.
459 Aviv Sheetrit Jewish Life at Duke How about that retirement contribution, y'all?
460 Koketta Shelton Davis Ambulatory Surgical Center Passion meets innovation, day after day.
461 Koketta Shelton Davis Ambulatory Surgical Center When passion meets innovation, we soar...
462 Tim Sheridan PRMO-Revenue Integrity Serving patients with dignity and respect
463 Michelle Shoffner DTS Hiring people, making dreams come true!
464 Edd Shope Duke Life Flight Fighting Cancer Still Running Still Flying
465 Cheryl Silver professional billing/collections Making a difference in our community
466 Jennie Simpson Performance Services Hearth, health, home, community, education, purpose.
467 Cris Slentz DMPI Great people, important work, stimulating environment
468 Aleecia Smith Cancer Care Plus Coworkers become friends; friends become family.
469 Debra Smith LIVE FOR LIFE My story is thankful, and grateful.
470 Joey Smith Duke Perinatal Hope was lost. Duke said yes.
471 Logan Smith Psychiatry The challenges build you. You can.
472 Michael Smith Anesthesiology Anesthesiology Research. Twenty Years. Still Striving.
473 Dave Solloway Fuqua Career Mangement Center Thoughtful actions creating a caring community
474 Chang Song Electrical and Computer Engineering "I will always love you." "Same."
475 Joshua Sosin Classical Studies Nurturing growth and building ideas, together.
476 Susan Spratt Medicine Driving on Flowers, watching seasons green.
477 Lesley Stanford Nutrition Take time to listen every day.
478 Christian Stephens Office of Research Informatics I'm empowered to improve the world
479 Marvaretta Stevenson DOM/Medical Oncology Impact on current and future community
480 Gina Streaty Duke Clinical Research Institute - HR September two-thousand, hired; a multifaceted gift.
481 Debrah Suggs Office of Information Technology Nearing Duke retirement, I feel secure.
482 Cherie Sumner HIM Working at Duke makes me proud!
483 Darla Swann Academic Resource Center Gratefully discovering myself and others daily
484 Kimberly Swing Cancer Registry Cancer Elimination Mission. Quality Data Provider.
485 Laura Tant Duke Sleep Disorders Center They need. We create. I deliver.
486 Sheila Taylor PDC Between windows, alt tabbing the hours
487 Stephanie Terry Biochemical Genetics Lab THIRTY-TWO YEARS LATER AND STILL SMILING
488 Pamela Terwilliger PreService Verification Duke is stability, security, family, friends.
489 Ashley Tessenar PRMO Overwhelming sense of family and compassion.
490 Lynnette Thacker DIBS Love Duke, Wish I started earlier!
491 Anthony Thomas DCRI Contracts Management Duke Health saves lives, including mine!
492 Joy Thomas Duke GI Raleigh colon cancer screening. respect. compassion. hope.
493 Willina Thomas Orthopedics Page Rd Diversity-Breaking all barriers in health care
494 Shamilla Thompson PRMO Work without a meaning is meaningless.
495 LaShunda Thorpe Gynecology Oncology Macon Pond Self -rewarding Daily Time well Spent
496 Ann Thurston Nicholas School of the Environment Sprawling knowledge! Possibilities, Opportunities. pause, Dive!
497 Caitlin Tillberg Psychiatry We all suffer, but not alone.
498 Cynthia Tinsley Maestro Care Ambulatory Employment, Friends, Innovation, Blue Devils, Commitment.
499 Nicholas Tise Psychiatry Inspirational colleagues improving our community together.
500 Tracey Torain Development and Alumni Relations Amazing increased flexibility for family life.
501 Sandra Tourt-Uhlig DCRI Industry Trials Colleagues became lifelong friends. Dreams reality.
502 Virgie Townsend NCOC Finally stable, caring for my children.
503 Virgie Townsend NCOC No Longer homeless with my children
504 Justin Triplett Duke Sports Physical Therapy Loving our patients. Helping colleagues succeed.
505 Annie Tsui Duke Cancer Institute Bench-to-bedside. Trials for every patient. Hope.
506 Joyce Tungol Duke Cancer Network Instant Family. A lifetime of possibilities.
507 Aimee Turner DCRI Working together. Solving problems. Improving care.
508 Robin Turner Palliative Care Absolutely amazing colleagues. Listening to patients.
509 Steven Turner DHTS Contributing to something bigger than myself.
510 Joscelyn Upchurch Duke Health Services Duke's Ambition for Patients. Go Duke
511 Sarah Urruti PRMO-Coding & Charge Capture Duke supports me in my dreams.
512 SINDHUJA VENKATASUBRAMANIAN Medical Education IT ( MedEdIT) Career Lover, Un-employed Woman, DUKE Empowers
513 SINDHUJA VENKATASUBRAMANIAN Medical Education IT ( MedEdIT) Career Lover, Un-employed Woman, DUKE Empowers
514 Madison Valentine Housing and Residence Life Always a beginning, never an end.
515 Lucy VanderKamp Rubenstein Library Research Services We think about how we act
516 Lauren Vann Duke Dermatology South Durham Duke Dermatology South Durham Is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
517 Craig Varney DHTS Through continued excellence our leadership rises.
518 Diane Waldbauer PRMO Professional Billing and Collections Getting it right the first time.
519 Patricia Walker Duke Stores It doesn't seem like a job.
520 Sarah Walker Medical Education Fun loving
Nearly rocking
fabulous benefits
521 Amy Ward SOM Office of Curricular Affairs Rock Star Team!
522 Kristen Ward Duke Children's Development Together, transforming lives through meaningful philanthropy.
523 Judy Weaver Duke North Admissions Doing it Right the FIRST Time!
524 Bobbi Weinberg FMD It's a good place to work.
525 Jory Weintraub Initiative for Science & Society People accept that I'm a Tar-Heel!
526 Vivian West Clinical and Translational Science Institute Fantastic retirement benefits make retirement feasible!
527 Penny Wheeley-Triplett Medical Education Administration School of Medicine Duke Chapel Climb Breathtaking Sunset Moon-Rise
528 Hope Whitmore Duke Primary Care, Timberlyne Duke Healthcare Is My Second Family!
529 Katherine Williams CEC Working at Duke means I matter.
530 Sean Williams DHTS Playing a part in global impact
531 Stormy Williams UCAE They valued me through the cancer.
532 Wayne Williamson OIPM The full compensation package is great!
533 Michelle Willis Queen DCRI Opportunities that support improved clinical care.
534 Sibyl Wilmont Pediatrics Learning and growing with world-class team.
535 Kameo Wilner DRAH Same Day Surgery and Admissions Duke powers my motivation to strive.
536 Minionette Wilson SOM Office of the Executive Vice Dean Exceptional benefits contribute to Duke's awesomeness!
537 Tameka Woodard Harris & Smith OB/GYN Patterson Place United we stand. Divided we fall.
538 April Woods Workers Compensation Healing mentally, physically and emotionally. Everyday!
539 Kasey Wrenn Immunology In my blood. In my heart.
540 Samantha Wrenn DCRI Government Trials and Networks Innovation
541 Melanie Wright Anesthesiology (Adjunct Faculty) Collaboration changes lives, theirs and ours.
542 Debra Yalin Duke Credentialing Verification Office Retirement Anticipated. Duke Pension Lessening Anxiety!!
543 Guiling Yang Medicine A diversified Duke, a welcoming place.
544 Kellye Zajac PRMO - CFS Everyone here can make a difference.
545 Paul Zizzo NICHOLAS IT SUPPORT I help people make technology work.
546 Andrea Zombeck Surgery Thank you for listening. My pleasure.