Payment for Training Courses

Thank you for registering for training through the Duke Learning Management System. Please complete the payment information below to complete your registration.

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Payment Options

Option 1. Cost Object Number**
This is your cost center code or a WBS element. Generally, the numbers are 7 digits for campus and 9 digits for the health system.
Option 2. Check
For an L&OD course in which you prefer to pay for the course, you must pay L&OD the exact amount using a check payable to "Duke Learning and Organization Development". You can pay at L&OD's offices at 402/406 Oregon Street. (link to the directions, maps, parking and transportation page) no later than 5 business days before the start of the course.

L&OD Class Cancellation/No-Show Policy

Enrollment closes three business days before the offering date. If the learner drops the class after the enrollment closes, the full amount of the course is processed as a cancellation fee.

If the learner does not attend the workshop without dropping the course three business days before the offering date, the full amount of the course is processed as a no show fee. These fees will not be applied to a future course offering. Emergency exceptions are the discretion of L&OD.