Duke Leadership Academy Scholars Profile

Chris Brady

Chris Brady

Title: Director of Divinity Programs
Location: Office of Student Life and Formations
Senior Management Area: Divinity School
Class Year: 2010

My goal is to bring hope and revitalization to urban neighborhoods by renewing the mission of inner-city churches, says Brady D'06. I see myself as a pastor of an urban church with a holistic ministry that includes economic development, community development and social entrepreneurship.

Brady, 40, knows of the needs in poor communities. And he knows how the church can help fill them.

As a child growing up in Philadelphia, I often witnessed the pervasive hopelessness that lingers amidst economic, social and political disparities, he says. But, there was always at least one beacon of light the church. The church was a living witness to the power of community, a community from which emanated a spirit of hope.

Before coming to Duke Divinity School, Brady honed his organizational and leadership skills as an officer in the U.S. Army and Army Reserve. He was honorably discharged as a major in 2005, following 18 years of service. He also served as director of community and economic development for the YMCA of Philadelphia and as a United Methodist pastor.