Duke Leadership Academy Scholars Profile

Dexter Nolley

Dexter Nolley

Title: Director, HR Staff & Labor Relations
Senior Management Area: Human Resources
Class Year: 2012

What I Do:
I support managers and employees to develop, maintain and extend a work culture that allows them to be productive. That involves looking at policies and procedures regarding time off, performance and termination, leading mediation and conflict resolution programs, teaching manager education sessions and working with the unions.

What I love about Duke is:
The opportunities to grow and be challenged. There is a lot of freedom to do the work and then expand on it. For example, when I came to Duke, I had the opportunity to participate in mediation. I knew I wanted to continue. I eventually co-led and now lead the mediation program.

If someone wants to start a conversation with me they should ask about:
Volleyball. It's my passion. I play outdoor volleyball three to four hours every Sunday except when it is below 30 degrees. It is just a group of six or seven friends, and we play three-on-three or three-on-four.