Duke Leadership Academy Scholars Profile

Cash Davidson

Cash Davidson

Title: Manager, Engineering and Planning
Senior Management Area: Facilities Management
Class Year: 2015

Engineering Services provides professional engineering support and oversight of Duke's utility systems and infrastructure. These systems include the mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems within buildings, the various University-owned campus utility systems as well as public utility systems serving the campus.

The team is led by Cash Davidson, Assistant Director of Engineering and Planning, and consists of a professional staff of Mechanical, Electrical, and Steam Engineers. Professional engineering support includes some of the following items:

* Development and updates to Facilities Design Guidelines
* Master Planning and Design of Campus Site Utilities systems
* Participation in Project Design reviews for new building and Renovation projects
* Engineering analysis and monitoring of the various campus utility and building systems in the support of DUES and Maintenance Services
* Provides technical support to faculties, departments, and special projects/initiatives
* Provides project management and owner's representative services on utility capital projects
* Conducts feasibility studies prior to final engineering and construction stage of campus projects
* Departmental Safety Program