Duke Leadership Academy Scholars Profile

Chris O

Chris O'Neill

Title: Senior Director, Alumni Programs
Senior Management Area: Duke Alumni Association
Class Year: 2016

Chris O'Neill is a Senior Director of Regional Engagement for the Duke Alumni Association (DAA). In this role he develops, promotes, and coordinates the engagement of alumni in educational, cultural, athletic, service, networking, and affinity-focused programs and events in his territory which includes Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia and Europe. He is a 14-year DAA veteran and takes pride in the growth and expansion of regional engagement during this time.

His previous experience includes management of the Hart House, then the university president's residence; prospect research in university development; and administrative assistance at the Duke University Press. Prior to joining the Duke employee ranks in 1996, Chris spent one year as a teaching fellow on a Duke exchange with the Landheim Schondorf boarding school in Bavaria, Germany.

Chris earned a Bachelor's degree in History and German in 1995. Outside of his DAA job duties, Chris serves the university through volunteer roles as an Assistant University Marshal and as a disciplinary adviser for students navigating the university conduct process.