Duke Leadership Academy Scholars Profile

Floyd Borden

Floyd Borden

Title: Business Manager
Senior Management Area: Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy
Class Year: 2017

Floyd J. Borden is the Business Manager for the Duke Center for Genomic and Computational Biology (GCB). Floyd was the first Duke School of Medicine Research Administration Fellow. Floyd has over fifteen years of executive career experience employing a dynamic and innovative leadership style; combining both general and financial management responsibility in a fast pace, intense, responsive and regulatory business environment. He has expertise in training, building employee teamwork, assessing, restructuring, revitalizing and/or optimizing organizations infrastructure(s), operations, products, services, technologies, processes, measurement systems, and financial strategies to maximize performance outcomes. He uses this knowledge and experience to help GCB advance its mission to catalyze innovative, interdisciplinary scholarship in genomic and computational biology through research collaborations, educational activities, and core facilities.

Floyd in the process of learning more about Duke every day. Floyd has been with Duke for seven (7) years working for both the University and in the School of Medicine. Before Duke he worked for federal and state agencies, the most recent being the State of New Jersey in the Governor's Office with the Department of Human Services, Transportation, Health and Senior Services, Homeland Security and Community Affairs.

Floyd is married to one of the greatest women alive. He also has four (4) WONDERFUL, INTELLIGENT, BEAUTIFUL daughters that are involved in everything from being in college at Johnson and Wales University to honor society/honor roll in school to top tier athletes excelling in multiple sports (lacrosse, volleyball, soccer, basketball, track, and gymnastics).

Floyd holds a Bachelor of Science in Geographic Information Systems/Spatial Information Processing from Michigan State University and Masters in Public Policy and Administration from Rutgers University.