Duke Leadership Academy Scholars Profile

Antwan Lofton

Antwan Lofton

Title: Assistant Vice President, Staff & Labor Relations
Senior Management Area: Human Resources
Class Year: 2018

Antwan Lofton currently serves as the Assistant Vice President of Staff and Labor Relations/Staff and Family Programs for Duke University and Health System. He has oversight for developing program initiatives and provide services to all employees to improve the quality of the work environment in light of the following values:

* Treat our clients with empathy, professionalism, compassion, honesty, courtesy and respect

* Approach employee concerns with objectivity, confidentiality, consistency, timeliness and flexibility

* Recognize workforce diversity as a source of strength

In this role, he provides HR policy support and guidance, manages the dispute resolution and disciplinary processes, manages the collective bargaining agreements with employees represented by a union, and helps foster effective manager-employee relationships.

Lofton is committed to supporting a positive work environment across the entire Duke community. He believes that a healthy and successful organization relies upon the mental and physical well-being of our employees and their families. To that end, his department provides resources and programs to support managers and employees in achieving a healthy and highly functional workplace through:

* Coordinating services and programs to facilitate work-life balance

* Tracking and bench-marking key indicators of work life quality, staff and customer satisfaction

* Providing meaningful opportunities to recognize and reward staff achievements

Antwan previously served as the Senior Director for Equal Employment Opportunity and Employee Relations at Howard University/Howard University Hospital in Washington, DC. In this Lofton was responsible for the management of eight unions between the University and Hospital. He was involved in all major employee relations cases as well as providing oversight of the University and Hospital's Affirmative Action Plan.