Duke Leadership Academy Scholars Profile

Andrew Park

Andrew Park

Title: Communications and Marketing Lead
Senior Management Area: Law School
Class Year: 2021

Andrew Park leads communications and marketing at Duke Law
School and advises administrators, faculty, and staff on
strategies for publicizing and promoting programs, events,
and people.

Andrew joined Duke Law in 2013 from Information Services
Group, a publicly traded business and technology
consulting firm, where he was Director of Global
Communications and Branding. A former journalist, he has
been a staff writer for BusinessWeek and a reporter for
the Austin American-Statesman and The(Raleigh) News &
Observer, and his writing has also appeared in The New
York Times, Wired, Slate, Salon, Fast Company, Inc., and
other publications. He is the author of Between a Church
and a Hard Place: One Faith-Free Dad's Struggle to
Understand What It Means to Be Religious (Or Not)
(Avery/Penguin, 2010).

Andrew received his BS in international politics, cum
laude, from the Georgetown University School of Foreign
Service, and his MA in journalism and mass communication
at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.