Duke Leadership Academy Scholars Profile

John Haws

John Haws

Title: Director, OIT Data and Analytics Practice
Senior Management Area: Office of Information Technology
Class Year: 2021

I'm John Haws.

I am an applied mathematician and data scientist in
Durham, North Carolina.

I'm the director the Data and Analytics Practice within
Duke University's Office of Information Technology.

I am the founder of two small companies. Taurus Math is a
data science and data engineering consulting company. We
work mostly with advertisers and publishers and specialize
in ad tech. In 2019, I founded Merge Metrics, which
specializes in reporting and analytics for publishers.

Before joining Duke, I was CTO at Reveal Mobile, a
location-based analytics business, and I am still an
advisor for the company.

Earlier, I was Chief Data Scientist at Digital Turbine, an
app-delivery platform used by mobile carriers. My team
developed a number of high-throughput, low-latency
decisioning platforms for programmatic advertising, app
recommendations, and impression valuation.

I previously worked at Boeing Phantom Works , and later at
SAS . Long, long ago, I was a 1992 corps member in Teach
For America.