Minors in Duke Programs

Minors in Duke Programs

Protection of Minors

Duke has adopted a Policy for Minors in Duke Programs to establish standards, requirements, and procedures to promote the welfare and safety of children under the age of 18 who participate in Duke activities and programs on university land, in university facilities, or under the authority and direction of the university at other locations. The policy applies whether the planned activity is a one time activity, regular meetings, or residential camps.

It's Everyone's Responsibility

Compliance with the Policy for Minors in Duke Programs is the responsibility of all University faculty, staff, volunteers, and students as well as anyone (including third parties) using university facilities. This includes all Duke departments and units, Duke University Health System, Duke student organizations, any other Duke related-entities, and third parties operating on Duke land or facilities.

Program Director Duties

The Program Director will be responsible for registering program staff, obtaining any necessary written agreements, and ensuring compliance with the Minors Policy. Complete instructions for registering a program are available here.

  1. First, the Program Director must get approval for their planned minors program at the Dean or Vice President level (or written designee). Programs under the University system require approval from the Provost's Office after a recommendation from the relevant Dean.
  2. Then, at least four weeks before the Program start date, the Program Director must Register a New Program by providing basic program information and listing the names and email addresses for all program staff members (any adult who will interact with Minors as part of a program). The Program Director will also be responsible for ensuring all staff members complete the required minors training and a Duke background check before the program begins.
  3. Additionally, the Program Director also prepare the appropriate Participation Agreements and Health Forms, and send to youthprotection@duke.edu for review. The Program Director must collect completed agreements signed by the Minors who intends to participate and their parent/guardian. The Program Director must retain all forms until 3 years after the relevant Minor turns 18.
  4. The Program Director must review and comply with the Standards Guide for Minors Programs at Duke.
  5. Finally, the Program Director must make sure any additional requirements beyond the Minors policy are met:
    • If lab activities, patient care, or industrial areas are involved, the Program Director must also submit the Workplace Safety Statement for Minors to OESO for approval under the Minors/Non-Employees in Work Areas Policy.
    • If the minor will be a volunteer or unpaid intern, the Program Director should consult the Volunteer and Unpaid Intern Policy Guidelines.
    • If the minor will be in the Health System, the Program Director should consider whether there are any additional Health System policies for visitors or minors that might apply.
    • If Duke facilities or Duke services will be need, the Program Director should complete a Facilities Use Agreement or Conference Services Agreement with Duke Event Services.

Program Staff Member Duties

All adults who will be interacting with Minors as part of a Program must complete the Minors Training annually and a Duke Background Check at least every 3 years.

  1. Program staff must Complete the Online Training on policies and issues related to interactions with Minors. Individuals will also receive an email requesting them to complete the online training.
  2. Program staff must complete a background check through Duke HR's Background Check Center. Individuals will receive an email with the link to complete a form to request a background check; the link to request a background check cannot be accessed on our website.